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внимание! людей с рук не любить!

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Лиричное, весеннее и пятничное сразу.

I saw you at the railway station
There had been a cancellation
You were smoking cigarettes alone
I walked up and said hello
I lost my wife two days ago
You shook my hand and said "Francis, what's your name?"

And you had a hat
And I had a hat
Mmm, we both had hats
And my wife is dead
And your wife is dead
"Shit happens", Francis said

Francis said it's five o'clock
How about we find a rock
And throw it at some cars from the bridge
I laughed and said that sounds like fun
We walked into the setting sun
And Francis said "I'm aiming at the kids"

And he threw a rock
So I threw a rock
We both put some gravel in a sock
And he threw the sock
I said we should stop
He smiled at me then threw a rock in a sock

We snuck down to the local farm
And there we opened up the barn
To set the horses free and watch them run
The moon was extra bright that night
The horses in the pale moonlight
"Watch this", Francis said and pulled his gun

And he shot a horse
So I shot a horse
Francis choke a chicken with his hands
We watched him die
We started to cry
"I'm bored", Francis said, "let's steal a car"

Oh Margaret, Oh Margaret, don't you worry 'bout me now
I'm doin' just fine on my own
There are other things to laugh than your soft skin against mine
Francis is helping me move on
I'm movin' on

Life's a bitch, a wise man said
No matter what, you end up dead
And all that you can wish for is a friend
So pour another glass of wine
With Francis' shoulder touching mine
I stare at him until the bitter end

And you have a hat
And I have a hat
Mmm, we both have hats
And your wife is dead
And my wife is dead
"Here's to life", Francis said
"Here's to life", Francis said
"Here's to life", Francis said


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